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Regardless of where you are planning to travel, Travel Insurance is a must. Travel Insurance can make any travel hiccups, such as a flight cancellation or a missing bag, less stressful. Additionally, it can save you thousands in medical bills if you require any emergency medical attention during your trip.

COVID-19 has had a seismic impact on travelling. The fear of travelling increased with the increasing risk of contracting COVID 19. Additionally, we have all heard about the increase in flight delays, cancellations, border closures, baggage loss, etc. since the pandemic. The necessity of having travellers’ insurance has never been greater. Please ensure you have all the required documents and meet all the entry requirements when travelling to a different country, and re-entering Canada. Also check the Government of Canada Travel Advisory for any last-minute changes or advisories.

Who Can Benefit from
Travel Insurance

People Travelling Domestically

You may wonder if you need travel insurance if you are just travelling within Canada. The answer is yes. Your provincial health coverage may not cover all emergency medical expenses incurred when traveling to another province. Additionally, the cost of ambulances varies from province to province. For example, In Ontario currently, the cost for using a medically necessary ground ambulance is $240.00 if you are not a resident. In Alberta currently, a non-resident can expect to pay $585 if a patient is transported and $450 is the patient is not transported.

People with Existing Benefit Coverages

If you already have Travel Insurance; however, you want to extend your period of coverage. This is also referred to as a “Top-up” to an existing policy. Additionally, people with coverage from their employer benefits, credit card, auto clubs, or coverage from another source can also top-up their policy. Top ups are also for anyone going on an extended trip; however, their current travel insurance plan only covers short trips.

Frequent Travellers

It is highly recommended that frequent travellers who plan to travel multiple times throughout the year have an annual travel insurance plan. This way, they are not purchasing travel insurance for each individual trip they take. Frequent travels can include personal and business travels.

People with no Coverage

People without any coverage will be required to pay out of pocket for any medical assistance they require while away. Additionally, you may not be compensated by the airline if you need to cancel or reschedule your trip.

People Travelling Internationally

Travel insurance is a must when travelling outside of the country as your Provincial Health Insurance covers very little out of country expenses. Further more, foreign hospitals can be very expensive and may not attend to you unless you have insurance or pay cash.

Trip Specific Travellers

People travel for a variety of reasons such as a destination resort vacation, a family reunion, sporting activities, business and of course, snowbirds. As a result, there are various travel insurance plans such as Emergency Medical, Travel and Medical Expenses, and High Risk Sporting Activities. In addition, there are individual trip short or longer duration coverages as well as annual plans for frequent out of province travellers. Select the insurance package that meets your specific needs. SBIS staff are there to help you select just the plan you need.

Work with Experienced

Our preferred travel partner, Special benefits Insurance Services, has been working in the travel insurance field for over 30 years and has seen the growth in individual insurance coverage. SBIS’s expert staff can connect you with a wide selection of experienced and reputable insurance providers and products. The insurance companies we work with are so much more than just a claims payment company. While you can get a basic travel insurance cancellation package, these companies also offer comprehensive travel products. Their products now include:

Basic Trip Cancellation Coverage – will reimburse you for cancelled trips, lost luggage, and overnight accommodation resulting from a delayed or cancelled trip. We recommend a comprehensive travel package as a basic trip cancellation coverage will not cover you for unforeseen medical expenses.  


What Does Worldwide Travel Insurance Cover?

We understand that cost is the number one reason people shy away from Travel Insurance. We get it, if you are already spending so much to plan the perfect vacation, why spend more on insurance? Well, Travel Insurance not only covers medical bills but also compensates you for any flight cancellations, lost or damaged luggage, misplaced documents etc. 

Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance

Coverage for medical evacuations, ambulances, funeral agreements, hospital stays, and emergency surgeries or dental treatments. A comprehensive travel package will include access to a 24-hour hotline and a worldwide network of doctors and consultants to assist in getting an individual home in an emergency.

Lost or Damaged Luggage

Losing your baggage at the airport is extremely frustrating, especially when travelling to a new country. Traveller’s insurance compensates you for lost or damaged luggage. If your luggage is delayed for more than 12 hours and you need to purchase some clothes, your transportation carrier may only offer a partial reimbursement. Travel insurance will compensate you for the additional balance, according to our policy limits.

Trip Delay or Cancellation

Every visitor has encountered some sort of hiccup in their trip plans: a quick wait, a prolonged delay, or even an emergency cancellation. Your travel insurance plan can pay for an airport lunch or cover the thousands in prepaid trip fees you lost because of a trip cancellation.

Travel Expenses and Accommodation in Unforeseen Circumstances.

If you unexpectedly fall sick or get injured and can’t get home, Travellers Insurance will compensate you for any unanticipated travel and hotel expenses. You will also be compensated for medically necessary companion such as a nurse or a spouse. If you are unable to make your flight due to situations out of your control, such as an illness, injuries, strikes, or natural disasters, travel insurance will compensate you for food and any unexpected housing if your flight is postponed for more than 6 hours.

Household Emergency

if a close relative or the person you’re travelling with dies suddenly or is incapacitated or injured and needs to be hospitalized, Travellers Insurance will compensation you for your immediate travel expenses.