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Supplementary Health and Dental Insurance

The importance of maintaining good health cannot be stressed enough. There is nothing more important that being physically and mentally healthy. The same goes for maintaining good dental care. High-quality health and dental insurance helps prevent diseases and improve quality of life.

While there is no legislative requirements for employees to provide supplemental health benefits to their employees, approximately 90% of large employers and about 70% of small businesses do. However, in recent years, many employers have cut back or removed supplemental health and dental for new employees and retirees. Part-time workers have faced reduced hours so they may have lost access to benefit coverage. Contract workers are often ineligible for employer health and dental programs.

Although Health and Dental Insurance is not mandatory, your medical bills can add up quickly if you are not insured. The Canadian Government Health Plan does not cover ambulance or prescriptions costs, specialists and therapist costs, or dental care.

Who can benefit from supplementary extended Health and Dental Care Insurance?

Part-time Workers

Supplementary health plans do not traditionally extend this benefit to part time workers or workers who work less than 30 hours per week. Larger employers may chose to include part time workers who work between 24 and 30 hours per week. For the most part, part time workers must seek individual supplementary health and dental coverage."

Someone Starting a New Job

When switching jobs, your insurance benefits are likely to change. Those starting a new job where their employee benefits have been drastically reduced can benefit from Health and Dental Insurance. There is often a waiting period to be eligible to join the new employer's plan.


Members over the age of 50 that have just retired and no longer have their employee benefits can benefit greatly from health and dental insurance. This is especially important for retirees as there are many health conditions associated with aging. Health insurance covers the cost of prescription drugs, hearing aids, vision care, dental care. Depending on your coverage, it can also include in home nursing costs, orthopaedics, wheelchairs, walkers and more.

Contract Workers

Contract workers are considered self-employed or employed by an agency and therefore, employers do not include them in employer plans. Like the other categories, these workers are responsible for managing their own costs.

Work with Experienced

Our preferred health and dental partner, Special benefits Insurance Services, has been working in the supplementary health and dental field for over 30 years and has seen the growth in individual insurance coverage. SBIS’s expert staff can connect you with a wide selection of experienced and reputable insurance providers and products.  The insurance companies we work with are so much more than just a claims payment company. Their products now include:

Information and services geared to helping members maintain or improve their physical and mental health.
Internet based services provide quick answers to “Am I covered for this”
Easy claims submission with electronic claim forms and submission.
Quick claims processing turnaround times and direct deposit to your bank account

What Does Health and Dental
Insurance Cover?

Health Insurance

As you get older, your body is more prone to illness. Protect yourself from unexpected medical expenses by signing up for health insurance. Obtain coverage against hospital bills, paramedical specialists, drug prescriptions, and more.

Dental Insurance

Dental health is an essential part of staying healthy. Poor oral health can cause tooth decay and has also been linked to several serious diseases such as heart disease, gum disease, and diabetes. Dental insurance can be added to your health insurance with various levels of coverage from basic examinations, cleanings, and fillings to prosthodontics to orthodontics. Dental insurance not only covers regular dental cleaning to keep your teeth healthy but also emergency dental surgeries such as wisdom tooth removal or fillings.