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Incidents such as car theft or damage, or accidents with body injuries, can happen at any time. Auto insurance is the best way to protect yourself from any financial loss connected to your car. If you are trying to obtain the best auto insurance rates, we have got you covered! AMC has preferred brokers who serve as a liaison between you and the insurance company. AMC members are connected to the best and most trusted brokers, and insurance companies with the best policies.

If you are an AMC member over the age of 50, our auto insurance services are perfect for you. You no longer need to worry about fixing your car if it gets damaged; just leave it up to the insurance company to handle it. The best part about our process is that there are discounted rates based on older, and reliable drivers like yourself. Your driving record will also be considered by the insurance company.

Who Can Benefit from
Auto Insurance?

Occasional Driver

Even infrequent drivers require auto insurance to drive. Occasional drivers include anyone that will be operating the vehicle less than 50% of the time. This is a great coverage option for your kids, family members or a spouse as it is less expensive than primary drivers’ insurance.

Commercial Drivers

Commercial Drivers Insurance covers any vehicles you drive for your business. Examples of commercial vehicle use includes delivering and/or transporting goods. However, keep in mind that the vehicle needs to be registered to a business.

Car Owners and Primary Drivers

Auto insurance is mandatory for all car owners and drivers. Those found without valid auto valid insurance can be fined up to $50,000. Auto insurance covers any damage done to you or your vehicle in an accident as well as any damage done to the other party. Insurance rates will depend on the model, make, and annual mileage of your vehicle. The insurance rate is also dependant on the primary driver’s information such as age, gender, and number of years you have been licenced.


Similar to car owners, drivers must also have insurance on their leased vehicles. Insurance coverage on leased vehicles covers any damage done to you or your vehicle in an accident as well as any damage done to the other party. Again, the car model and make as well as driver’s information are taken into consideration when deciding on the appropriate rate.

Work with Experienced

Automobile Insurance is guided by each province’s legislation. With over 30 years of experience, AMC’s two preferred partners can connect you with a great selection of experienced insurance providers. The brokerages will help you with deductibles, limits, and riders for your specific situation, and are available to answer any questions.

Save on Auto and
Home Insurance

AMC’s preferred brokers offer a group discount to all members who sign up for Auto or Home Insurance. Members who sign up for both auto and home insurance will get an additional joint discount.


What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

Great auto insurance should cover property damages, liability claims, and medical bills. In other words, auto insurance will cover you if you sustain injuries, or if your car is damaged in an accident. Additionally, auto insurance will also cover you if you are at fault and cause bodily injury or property damage to the other party. Remember, auto insurance is mandatory and contract standards are set by your province. The following is an overview, and you should check your policy for specific limitations and exclusions.


Coverage for any injuries or property damage done to you or your vehicle in an accident. This includes accidents with other vehicles or if you hit an object and damage your car. Auto insurance will compensate you up to the cash value of your vehicle. If damages exceed this cost, the vehicle will be considered a total loss and can be written off.

Property Damage Liability

Coverage for any injuries or property damage done to the other party in a car accident where you are at-fault. There is a minimum third-party liability coverage in Canada, and you will be responsible for any damages exceeding this amount unless you have additional liability coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

Coverage for any personal or property damage that is not a by-product of a collision. This includes weather damage, fires, animal damage, natural disasters, and vandalism. Although comprehensive coverage is not mandatory in Canada, it is strongly recommended considering Canada’s severe weather. Although you can claim comprehensive coverage for your own damage, it does not cover normal wear and tear.