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MovePLUS is a personal relocation service developed by Envoy, Canada's leading relocation experts. Envoy has adapted years of experience in providing support to thousands of transferred executives and made it available to everyone. More than just a moving service, MovePLUS is the most innovative and effective relocation program available. Why? Because it reflects today's reality. It's efficient because it's simple, but relevant because it's comprehensive. And the best part - it is the lowest cost relocation program available anywhere.

MovePLUS for groups

Affinity groups, professional associations, credit unions and labour unions all have members who will eventually relocate. Whether it be for employment reasons, starting a new business, retirement or simply a change of scenery, having access to a no cost relocation support service puts everyone in a league with the high priced transferred executives and makes membership in your organization more valuable.

Contact MovePLUS to find out how your organization and your members can benefit from this valuable service.

MovePLUS for individuals

If you are moving now or in the future, talk to your Personal Relocation Consultant (PRC). We will make sure you ask yourself all the right questions and help you get all the right answers. Call to get started on your Personal Needs Analysis. Your very own Personal Relocation Consultant will contact you.

Call 1 866-683-7587 or check out

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